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  Sun, Oct 28, 2007
Elecciones Nacionales en Argentina
(This posting is also available in English.)

Argentina celebra elecciones generales el domingo, 28 de octubre de 2007, y Elecciones Nacionales en Argentina tiene una breve exposición del sistema electoral de la nación sudamericana, con los resultados de la elección presidencial de 2003 y de las elecciones legislativas de 2005, así como una extensa reseña de la historia política del país.

Argentina goes to the polls for a general election - or a coronation?, en Global Economy Matters cubre también (en inglés) las elecciones de 2007. Además, el blog de Argentina Elections 2007-Elecciones Argentina 2007 (apoyado por la Universidad de la Columbia Británica en Canadá) presenta una amplia cobertura del evento desde una perspectiva académica y fuera de lineas partidistas.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 10/28/2007 09:56 | permanent link

National Elections in Argentina
(Esta entrada está disponible también en español.)

Argentina holds a general election on Sunday, October 28, 2007, and National Elections in Argentina has an overview of the South American nation's electoral system, with the results of the 2003 presidential election and the 2005 legislative elections, as well as an extensive review of the country's political history.

Argentina goes to the polls for a general election - or a coronation?, on Global Economy Matters also covers the 2007 election. In addition, the Argentina Elections 2007-Elecciones Argentina 2007 blog (supported by University of British Columbia in Canada) presents broad coverage of the event from an academic and non-partisan perspective.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 10/28/2007 09:56 | permanent link

  Tue, Oct 23, 2007
Poland and Switzerland 2007 election results
I'm pleased to announce that nationwide and provincial-level results of the 2001, 2005 and 2007 parliamentary elections in Poland, as well as clickable election maps of the three events are now available in Elections to the Polish Sejm - Results Lookup.

The election statistics come from Poland's National Electoral Commission websites, listed here.

In addition, Federal Elections in Switzerland - Elections to the Nationalrat (National Council) has been updated with detailed 2007 election results. The figures were largely derived from data published on the Swiss Federal Statistical Office's Elections 2007 website, but the results available there have been complemented (and in some cases updated) with information from the cantons' official sites, listed here.

It should be pointed out that results for Luzern were calculated from party vote (Parteistimmen) figures obtained from the canton's website - the Federal Statistical Office's elections site appears to have erroneously published list vote (Listenstimmen) totals - which has also produced slight changes in the party vote percentages at the national level.


As of November 9, 2007, the elections website of Switzerland's Federal Statistical Office has corrected results for Luzern canton, and nationwide party vote percentages available there and on this website are now largely in agreement. In addition, the voter turnout rate for Zürich canton has been corrected to 49%, and as a result the nationwide turnout in last month's parliamentary election now stands at 48.3%. The 2007 federal election results available here have been updated to reflect this correction, as well as other minor changes.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 10/23/2007 13:54 | permanent link

  Sun, Oct 21, 2007
Switzerland 2007 election links
As noted in Federal Elections in Switzerland - Elections to the Nationalrat (National Council), the Federal Statistical Office's Election 2007 website has 2007 election results available in German, French and Italian. In addition, all of the cantons' official websites, listed below, are publishing election results.

Zürich - in German
Bern - in German and French
Luzern - in German
Uri - in German
Schwyz - in German
Obwalden - in German
Nidwalden - in German
Glarus - in German
Zug - in German
Fribourg - in French and German
Solothurn - in German
Basel-Stadt - in German
Basel-Landschaft - in German
Schaffhausen - in German
Appenzell Ausserrhoden - in German
Appenzell Innerrhoden - in German
St. Gallen - in German
Graubünden, in German, Rumantsch and Italian
Argau - in German
Thurgau - in German
Ticino - in Italian
Vaud - in French
Valais - in French and German
Neuchâtel - in French
Genève - in French
Jura - in French

The swissinfo website, an enterprise of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, has 2007 election coverage in English (and several other languages). The Federal Parliament's website also has an Elections 2007 section, available in German, French and Italian. Finally, the Federal Chancellery provides information about the election, including full candidate listings in German, French and Italian.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 10/21/2007 10:40 | permanent link

  Sat, Oct 20, 2007
European Super Sunday: elections in Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland, and a referendum in Turkey
It's Super Sunday in Europe tomorrow, with three countries - Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland - voting in elections, while Turkey - which straddles Europe and Asia - holds a constitutional amendments referendum.

Voters in Poland go to the polls for a parliamentary election held ahead of schedule after the collapse of Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski's right-wing coalition government two months ago. Poland's early parliamentary election of 2007, at Global Economy Matters, reviews the Polish electoral system and political developments since the 1989 re-establishment of democracy in the Eastern European country. Meanwhile,
Edward Hugh writes about Employment and Unemployment in Poland, the first in a series of postings about the Polish economy.

Switzerland will also be holding parliamentary elections. Federal Elections in Switzerland - Elections to the Nationalrat (National Council) presents an overview of the Swiss electoral system, with lower house election results from 1971 to 2003.

Of white and black sheep: Switzerland holds a federal parliamentary election, on Global Economy Matters, has additional information about the event, while Edward Hugh reviews Switzerland's economy in Swiss Cheese.

Meanwhile, voters in Slovenia, one of the former Yugoslav republics, will be choosing a successor to President Janez Drnovšek, who won't be seeking a second term. Slovenia's 2007 Presidential Election, also on Global Economy Matters, covers today's presidential vote, while Edward Hugh writes that Slovenia is Different.

Finally, Turkey holds a referendum on constitutional amendments that would provide for the direct election of the country's president, among other things.

Elections to the Turkish Grand National Assembly has an overview of Turkey's electoral system, with 1983 to 2007 parliamentary election results.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 10/20/2007 09:26 | permanent link

  Sat, Oct 13, 2007
Australia federal election set for November 24
ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reports that Prime Minister John Howard has announced the country will go to the polls on November 24.

Federal Elections in Australia has descriptions of the House of Representatives and Senate electoral systems, as well as general election results from 1993 to 2004.


PM announces November 24 poll - ABC News

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 10/13/2007 23:24 | permanent link

  Fri, Oct 12, 2007
Gibraltar's Caruana remains in power - just barely
The ruling Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) of Chief Minister Peter Caruana narrowly held on to power in a general election held yesterday in the British territory. GSD won ten of seventeen seats in the House of Assembly, for a majority of three over the opposition alliance of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party (GSLP) and the Gibraltar Liberal Party, which obtained seven seats.

Although GSD secured a larger parliamentary majority than in the 2003 general election, the popular vote was considerably closer: GSD slipped from 51.5% of the vote to 49.3% (76,334 votes), while the GSLP/Liberal Alliance rose from 39.7% to 45.5% with 70,397 votes. Meanwhile, none of the other parties running in the election secured parliamentary representation: the Progressive Democratic Party won only 3.7% of the vote (5,799 votes), while other candidates received a total of 2,213 votes (1.4%).

Parliamentary elections in Gibraltar are carried out by a limited vote electoral system, under which every elector may cast up to ten votes. There were 16,004 voters out of 19,660 electors, for a turnout rate of 81.4%, slightly up from 79.2% in 2003.

The Government of Gibraltar website has detailed 2007 election results.

posted by Manuel Álvarez-Rivera : 10/12/2007 10:26 | permanent link